Township of Ardenhurst, Minnesota

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Ardenhurst Township is located in the northwest corner of Itasca County, Minnesota. For detailed maps and property information please refer to [Links/Itasca County] and click on the “Property Information” tab.

·  Mailing Address       : PO Box 242, Northome, MN 56661
·  Town Hall Address   : Town Hall Address: 66733 State Highway 46
·  Contact information : Click on “Elected Officers” tab
·  Meeting Dates         : All meetings are at the Ardenhurst Town Hall

Annual Meeting of Electors: Second Tuesday of March at 7 pm. All resident adults are
encouraged to attend and to approve annual township tax levy and other statutory matters.

Monthly Meeting of Board of Supervisors: Second Thursday of each month at 7 pm. 
The March monthly meeting of board of supervisors is scheduled immediately after the
March annual meeting.

Semi-Annual Meeting of Electors: Second Thursday of September at 7 pm.  The sole purpose of the
September Annual Continuation meeting is to finalize or adjust the tax levy set at the March Annual
 meeting of electors.

Annual Meeting of Board of Equalization: In April to be scheduled by the Itasca
Country Assessors Department. This meeting provides property owners with the
opportunity to question assessed valuations of their properties.